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a feature film written and directed by Ray Crew

Premiere Showing at Possum Hall Theatre, Georgetown DE
Saturday, June 22, 2024, 7:30pm
An Affiliate Group of Possum Point Players

The stage and the screen have always been closely related. In the earliest days of moving pictures, films weren’t much more than static, two dimensional stages themselves until artists discovered that with cuts, dissolves, closeups and fades the movies could be so much more. As the years passed the theatrical arts and the cinematic arts contributed to each other and inspired each other. The purpose of Possum Pictures is to bring that mutual contribution and inspiration to Possum Point Players. 
Possum Pictures will produce one full length feature film a year, premiere it theatrically and distribute it through film festivals and streaming services, creating exposure to new local and nationwide audiences. Short films and promotional films that support Possum Point Players stage productions will also be created. These projects will take original ideas from script to screen, developing disciplines including screenwriting, directing, acting for film, cinematography, editing, sound design and production management. 

Possum Pictures will provide a wide range of new opportunities for the Possum Point Players artistic community. The feature film, End of the Run which is currently in production and will premiere in June is a creation of that community and will serve as proof of concept. 

It is our hope that Possum Pictures will contribute to and inspire Possum Point Players and demonstrate that community theater can happen on screens as well as stages. 
Possum Pictures Premiere Event...
The End of the Run is a full-length feature film created from script to screen by the Possum Point Players community. Described by writer/director Ray Crew as “a love story, a mob tale, and a morality play,” the film tells the story of a would-be actor, Billy, the middle brother in a mob family who has failed at everything in life and has been reduced to appearing in a cheesy murder mystery dinner theater to help his older brother steal money. When Billy is at his lowest, he’s visited by Angela, a long-lost love he hasn’t seen in a decade. She says she wants to save him but she’s concealing secrets that will change Billy… and the world forever.
The cast includes Sue GerdesSteven DowJill LiberaskiSteven PerryKaren Crew,
Tony GerdesSteven GivensLuette MuirDonna de Kuyper, and Cat Baker.

The End of the Run is the first production from Possum Point Players' newest affiliate group, Possum Pictures. Its theatrical premiere at Possum Hall on Saturday, June 22, 2024 will be a Hollywood-style, first-night experience complete with red carpet, spotlights, gift bags, paparazzi, and stars arriving in limos! Tickets are only available at the door.

The box office and the bar will open at 6:00p, the cast will arrive at 7:00p, and the film will start at 7:30p. A Q&A session with the director and cast will follow. The minimum audience member ticket donation is $10. Each audience member's name will be added to the film’s credits before it is submitted to film festivals and streaming services. The highest donor over $100 will be added to the credits as “Executive Producer.” The second-highest donor will be credited as “Producer.”

The first 25 audience members to arrive will receive special Possum Pictures gift bags. Two tickets to a 2025 PPP season comedy or drama (winner's choice) will be offered as a door prize.