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ARSENIC AND OLD LACE is one of the American theatre's funniest comedies. Drama critic Mortimer Brewster is engaged to the lovely Elaine Harper, but will she fit in with his “unusual” family? Abby and Martha Brewster are known throughout Brooklyn for their many acts of kindness and charity.

But Mortimer has just learned that his charming spinster aunts have taken to relieving the loneliness of old men by inviting them in for a nice glass of homemade elderberry wine laced with arsenic, strychnine, and "just a pinch" of cyanide! What else can go wrong? How long can Mortimer keep other crazy relatives in his family tree hidden?
(in order of appearance)

Abby Brewster...   Gina Shuck
The Rev. Dr. Harper...   John Zinzi
Teddy Brewster...   Chuck Rafferty
Officer Brophy...   Alex Lloyd-Wood
Officer Klein...   Andrew Hertzberg
Martha Brewster...   EJ Panico
Elaine Harper...   Sarah Rose
Mortimer Brewster...   Steven Dow
Mr. Gibbs...   Ed Guinan
Jonathan Brewster...   Anthony Pierantozzi
Dr. Einstein...   Dustin McHale
Officer O'Hara...   Mike Mahaffie
Lieutenant Rooney...   Steven Perry
Mr. Witherspoon...   Bernie Noeller


Director...   John H. Hulse
Associate Director...   Becky Craft
Stage Manager...   Donna Flomp
Costume Design...   Lorraine Steinhoff
Lighting Design...   John Moller
Lighting Tech...   GG Voges
Properties...   Donna Flomp
Set Design...   Ed O’Connor, John H. Hulse
Set Construction...   Fred Dean
Sound/EFX Design...   Chuck Cutsail
Photos...   Gary Conaway
Program...   Dawn P. Conaway
Publicity...   Rosanne Pack
Website...   John Zinzi
PPP Executive Administrator...   Dawn P. Conaway
Box Office...   Gail Brown
Possum Point Players presents an American Classic
Arsenic and Old Lace
written by Joseph Kesselring
directed by John H. Hulse

Fridays SEP 13 and SEP 20 at 7:30p
Saturdays SEP 14 and SEP 21 at 7:30p
Sundays SEP 15 and SEP 22 at 2:00p

Tickets: $20 Adults; $19 Seniors/Students
Possum Hall - 441 Old Laurel Rd, Georgetown DE