Possum Point Players presents
City of Angels
music by Cy Coleman  /  lyrics by David Zippel
book by Larry Gelbart
directed by Kenney Workman

September 28-29, October 5-6, 2012 at 8p
September 30 and October 7, 2012 at 2p
Tickets: $23; $22 Seniors / Students

Possum Hall
441 Old Laurel Rd
Georgetown, Delaware

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About the show...

City of Angels is the rarest of musical comedies; one that is not only loaded with music and written in the contemporary jazz idiom, but also filled with sidesplitting comedy. 

Set in the glamorous, seductive Hollywood of the 40's, the world of film studios and flimsy negliges, the show chronicles the misadventures of Stine, a young novelist, attempting a screenplay for movie producer/director, Buddy Fidler.

While Fidler professes to be a fan of Stine's work: "I've read a synopsis of every book you've ever written," he assures the author, his gargantuan ego forces Stine to make endless compromises in the script he's writing. The script is an adaptation of one of Stine's novels which features his Raymond Chandleresque hero, a private investigator named Stone.

Every movie scene that Stine writes is acted out onstage by a group of characters whose costumes are limited to various shades of black and white. The same is true of the sets in which they appear and the props that they use. With music scored in the genre, we are, in fact, treated to a live version of a 1940's private eye film. It is a tale of decadence and homicide with a liberal sprinkling of femmes fatale. 
Stine...Jeff Haslow
Stone...Chris Poeschl
Gabby/Bobbi...Donna de Kuyper
Donna/Oolie...Lorraine Steinhoff
Buddy Fidler/Irwin S. Irving...Jim Hartzell
Carla Haywood/Alaura Kingsley...Mary O'Neill
Werner Kreigler/Luther Kingsley...Malcolm Keen
Gerald Pierce/Peter Kingsley...Matt King
Avril Raines/Mallory Kingsley...Kelsey Murphy
Pancho Vargas/Lt. Muñoz...John Zinzi
Gene...Bob Frazier
Officer Pasco...James Davis
Stand-in/Margaret...Tara Wisely
Gilbert/Dr. Mandril...Doug Friend
Jimmy Powers...Jerry Birl
Studio Cop/Big Six...Logan Lynch
Studio Cop/Sonny...Danny Keenan
Del Dacosta/Mahoney/Orderly...Isaac VanCuren
Cinematographer/Harlan Yamato...Don Megee
Shoeshine/Commissioner Gaines...Mike Williams
Hairdresser/Anna/Margie...Chris Polo
The Angel City Four
James Davis - Bob Frazier - Rebecca McDaniel - Abby Toomey
Radio Announcer Voice/Recording Engineer...Dick Pack
Man's Voice/Guard...Pat Erhardt
Girl, a Hooker...Carol Torrey
Bootsie, a Hooker/Buddy's Niece/Clappergirl...   Brie Baldwin
Studio Prop Man/Butler...Pat Erhardt
Studio Sound Man/Man in Phone Booth...Dick Pack

The Production Team
Director...Kenney Workman
Musical Director...Liz Messick
Stage Manager...Trish Herholdt
Set Design...Logan Lynch
Costumes...Louise Hartzell
Props...Donna Flomp
The Cast and Crew of CITY OF ANGELS - Possum Hall - Georgetown DE - October 2012