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PPP presents a "veddy British" comedy
written by Philip King
directed by Michael J. Murnin
Galloping in and out of the four doors of an English vicarage are an American actor and actress (he is now stationed with the air force in England), and a cockney maid who has seen too many American movies.

Add an old maid who "touches alcohol for the first time in her life," and four men in clergyman suits presenting the problem of which is which (for disguised as one is an escaped prisoner).

Watching it all is a sedate Bishop aghast at all these goings on and the trumped up stories they tell him and...the farce is complete!

So swift is the action, so involved the situations, so rib-tickling the plot in this London hit that at its finish audiences are left as exhausted from laughter as though they had run a foot race. Don't miss the fun!
Friday JUN 6 and JUN 13 at 7:30p
Saturday JUN 7 and JUN 14 at 7:30p
Sunday JUN 8 and JUN 15 at 2:00p

Possum Hall / 441 Old Laurel Rd / Georgetown DE
(in order of appearance)

Ida...Julia Bloom
Miss Skillon...Diane Counts
The Reverend Lionel Toop...Pat Erhardt 
Penelope Toop...Amy Denham
Corporal Clive Winton...Jerry Cox
The Intruder...Mike Williams
The Bishop of Lax...John Zinzi 
The Reverend Arthur Humphrey...Doug Friend
Sergeant Towers...Chuck Rafferty


Director...Michael J. Murnin
Stage Manager...Nina Galerstein
Production Assistant...Esther Friend
Technical Director...Doug Friend
Set Design...Doug Friend, Michael Murnin
Lighting Design...Tom Amrhein
Costume Design...Marsha Shull
Sound Design...Michael Phillips
Scenic Artist...Kim Klabe
Properties...Donna Flomp, EJ Panico
Makeup and Hair...Beth Howlett
Dialectician...Elizabeth Roe
Publicity...Rosanne Pack

And - they're off.  Strangers in the vicarage??  Oh no!!!  Patrick Erhardt (Seaford), Amy Denham (Georgetown), and Julia Bloom (Lewes), are running to find out just how strange these strangers are.