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Mark Twain’s beloved classic takes us back to old “Muddy Waters” as Huck Finn and the runaway Jim escape down the mighty Mississippi River in search of freedom.

Huckleberry Finn is a wild child in 1840’s Missouri. He roams freely in his small town of St. Petersburg, mostly able to do what he pleases. Trouble arises, however, when his alcoholic and violent father suddenly demands custody over the boy (in order to get at his trust fund).

Fearing for his life, Huck takes off on a raft down the Mississippi River. Along the way, he meets up with a runaway slave, Jim, who is trying to find his wife and children up North. 

After a series of adventures and a brief reunion with his best friend, Tom Sawyer, Huck discovers that Jim's owner died and freed Jim in her will: thus Jim is free at last to find his wife and children. For his part, Huck decides to move out West, where no one can civilize him.

Featuring a score from country music legend Roger Miller and a book by William Hauptman, Big River is based on Mark Twain's classic 1884 novel, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. It features music in the bluegrass and country styles in keeping with the setting of the novel.

The 1985 Broadway production ran for more than 1,000 performances and it remained one of the few very successful American musicals in the mid-1980s among the emerging successes coming from Great Britain. Big River won 7 Tony Awards, including Best Musical.

Join us there!
(in order of appearance)

In St. Petersburg, Missouri, and later on the
Illinois shore and Jackson’s Island:
Mark Twain… Fred Dean
Huckleberry Finn… Luke Stutzman
Jim… Claudius Bowden
Widow Douglas… Susan Newark
Miss Watson… Amy Baker-Sheridan
Judge Thatcher… Steven Perry
Tom Sawyer… Cameron Harris
Ben Rogers… Levi Marine
Jo Harper… Alexander “Xander” Proseus
Simon… Lorenzo “Lars” Skye
Dick… Kori Lewandowski
Bob… Finn Sheridan
Pap Finn… Paul Janiga
Woman in Shanty… Deni Robinson

On the River, south of St. Louis:
Slaves and Overseers on a Flatboat…
Bud Clark  -  Marques “Mark” Clark  -  Imani Cummings
Paul Janiga  -  Dulcena Kemmerlin  -  Andrew Showell

On the River, near Cairo, Illinois:
Two Men on a Skiff… Steven Perry  -  Levi Marine

On the Riverbank in Kentucky:
The King… Dick Pack 
The Duke… Jakob Faulkner
Posse... Bud Clark  -  Paul Janiga  -  Andrew Showell

In Bricktown, Arkansas:
Hank… Alexander “Xander” Proseus
Lafe… Levi Marine
Andy… Lorenzo “Lars” Skye
Townspeople… The Company

In Hillsboro, Arkansas:
A Young Fool… Marques “Mark” Clark
Mary Jane Wilkes… Brianna Wittman
Susan Wilkes… Kori Lewandowski
Joanna Wilkes… Finn Sheridan
Bill… Andrew Showell
Counselor Robinson… Bud Clark
Alice... Dulcena Kemmerlin
Alice's Daughter...   Imani Cummings
Mourners… The Company
Sheriff Bell… Paul Janiga
Harvey Wilkes… Steven Perry
Man in the Crowd… Lorenzo “Lars” Skye
Mourners and Mob… The Company

On a Farm near Hillsboro:
Sally Phelps… Deb Wittle
Silas Phelps… Steven Perry
Doctor… Fred Dean
Hired Hands Paul Janiga  -  Levi Marine  -  Lorenzo “Lars” Skye

The action takes place along the
Mississippi River Valley, sometime in the 1840’s

Musical Director, Piano...  Diane Trautman
Bass… Tommy Ray Chedester
Drums / Percussion… Glenn Luedtke
Trumpet… Pat Shaner
Woodwind… Jan Glasscock
Guitar I...   Frank Nanna
Guitar II...   Joe Powers
Harmonica...   Mickey Micheljohn
Trombone...   Lee Knier
Violin...   Diane Neutzing

Director...  John H. Hulse
Musical Director...  Diane Trautman
Choreographer...  Deni Robinson
Stage Manager...  Donna Flomp
Assistants to the Director...   Steven Dow  & Joyce Felton
Costumes...  Julie Gleason
Costumes Assistant...  Lorraine Steinhoff Leavel
Lighting and Sound...  Chase Schirmer
Lighting and Sound Assistant...   Ruth Lawson
Makeup and Hair...   Donna de Kuyper
Properties...  Donna Flomp 
Set Design...  Ed O’Connor  &  John H. Hulse
Set Construction...  Fred Dean
Publicity...  Rosanne Pack
Website...  John Zinzi
PPP Executive Administrator...  Anne Baker
Box Office...  Michael Short
Possum's 50th Anniversary 2023 Season Continues
With the Award-Winning Broadway Musical
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

music and lyrics by Roger Miller
book by William Hauptman
adapted from Mark Twain's classic The Tales of Huckleberry Finn

directed by John H. Hulse

Fridays MAR 24 and MAR 31 at 7:30p
Saturdays MAR 25 and APR 1 at 7:30p
Sundays MAR 26 and APR 2 at 2:00p

Possum Hall / 441 Old Laurel Road / Georgetown DE

Reserved Seats: $27.00
Senior/Students: $25.00
Order tickets with your credit card
Or call the PPP Ticketline at 302-856-4560
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